Friday, 25 March 2011

it's been a really bad week

Well I guess I'll recap the GUKPT main. I survived till about 30mins from the end of day 1b. I don't think I played very well at all, not redic bad but definitely about 3/10. I don't think I got myself into all the right situations that I could have. The start of the day was actually really fun. We played 5/6 handed (on a ten handed table when it's full!) with highlandfox and Sam Trickett.

This was really good, there were dead blinds out there and I had position on Sam. He's obviously been on a super heater recently, crushing all super high roller $100k+ buyin tournaments for... well millions. Anyway a £1590 GUKPT is obviously not all his main concern and he was going for it in every spot, especially at the start and so it made it good for me. Eventually the table actually filled with Toby Lewis, JP Kelly and Stuart Rutter. I think on the table no one was over 29. So anyway we just nitted it up 10 handed with antes :). Regardless in the end it didn't pan out, I actually won a flip vs Toby when I was jamming bottom of my range and had 26bbs going into my bustout with QQ vs AA. Mickey says I'm results oriented for thinking this, but I didn't even wanna stack, I felt I should have called pre. I think it's a lot closer than he is, because a new player to the table came and 3.2x it UTG+1 9 handed, and I felt like calling might have been slightly superior to 3-bet/calling just because he's 'not bluffing' so I figure his opening range is like AJ+/77+ and he folds almost everything but TT+. He stacks or gives up chips on good boards for methat he couldn't pre (AND MAYBE I DONT LOSE TO AA).

So Mickey snap left as is totally standard for any poker in any foreign land upon losing all their points in the main tournament of the trip. I had a really really bad Sunday. I made a 2 (maybe 3) really terrible mistakes. Like almost unforgivable (although they we're general 'close' spots). Was really displeased with myself and just been wasting time ever since.
This is mostly what the title of this post is about. I wish I could actually figure out how to grind again. Today I played a full 600 hands of cash on rando euro sites. I have about 1.4k euros of bonuses to clear on 3 different sites, I hope to give it a decent go. Played  fine today, but was only really 4-6 tabling. I'm not very happy with my lack of ability to play many tables at cash right now, it's really hurting my bonus whoring attempts.

Today I rode my bike down the street to the shops tho! Didn't die either (HENCE THE BLOGGING IDIOT). I'm only missing a helmet right now, in order to actually make use of it.

Lot's of poker this Sunday evening! I can actually list the days I plan to play online poker right now. Super into lists right now and have a full life plan all the way through to the end of wsop! I doubt I'll follow it fully, but I feel very motivated to make money at the moment, and that means clicking buttons.


Bet you didn't think I'd actually list that crap. But yes I did! My current plan for the rest of my life (till mid july)

ept berlin         4/4    sat    220re
            5/4    ME1A    5300e
            6/4    KO    1k+1k+100e t
            7/4        2150e
            8/4        1100e
            9/4    2pm    1100e
            9/4    6pm    500+500+50e KOT
            9/4    9pm    330te
            10/4    2pm    330te

seville            12/4        3300e
            14/4        220e
            15/4    HU    110e

irish open        21/4    sat    220e
            22/4        3500e
            23/4    turbo    330e
            24/4        1100e
            24/4    turbo    220e
            25/4    bounty    330e

ept san remo     2pm    26/4     sat    550e  1r
        6pm    26/4    sat    220er
        9pm    26/4        330te
        12pm    27/4    ME    5300e
        8pm    28/4    bounty    1k+1k+100e
        2pm    30/4        2200e
        8pm    30/4        330te
        3pm    2/5        1100e
        8pm    2/5        330te

ept main event        6/5    sat    550e  1r
            7/5    5pm    800+200+100te
            7/5    7pm sat    550e  1r
            7/5        330te
            8/5    ME    10600e
            9/5    12pm ko    500+500+50te   
            9/5    6pm    1100e
            9/5    9pm    330te
            10/5    5pm    2150e
            10/5    9pm    330te
            11/5    2pm    1100e
            11/5    9pm  ko    300+100+30te
            12/5        330te

SCOOP        6pm    8/5    6-m    22    300k*
        6pm    8/5    6-m    215    750k*
        10pm    8/5        22    300k*
        10pm    8/5        215    750k*
        7pm    9/5    6-m    5.5r    250k*
        7pm    9/5    6-m    55r    500k*
        10pm    10/5    HU    16.5    100k
        10pm    10/5    HU    162    200k
        10pm    12/5    ko    27    200k*
        10pm    12/5    ko    265    400k*
        7pm    13/5    ante    16.5    100k*
        7pm    13/5    ante    165    200k*
        1am    13/5    2xc    16.5    150k
        1am    13/5    2xc    162    400k
        7pm    14/5    SH    215    150k
        6pm    15/5        215    1m*
        10pm    15/5        215    2m*
        10pm    16/5    4-m    33    100k
        10pm    16/5    4-m    320    300k
        1am    16/5        11rt    250k
        1am    16/5        109rt    500k
        10pm    18/5    ante    11r    200k*
        10pm    18/5    ante    109r    400k*
        7pm    20/5    cu    22    300k
        7pm    20/5    cu    215    500k
        1am    20/5    NLo/8    22t    50k
        8.30pm    21/5    HU    270    300k*
        6pm    22/5    6-m    215    1m*
        10pm    22/5        109    1m*
        10pm    22/5        1050    3m*

pkrlive london        19/5        £800

wsop            2/6    5k
            3/6    1k
            6/6    1.5k    6-m
            7/6    1.5k    3xc
            8/6    1.5k    sho
            9/6    1.5k    plhe
            11/6    1.5k   
            12/6    1k    sunday
            13/6    1.5k    plo
            15/6    2.5k    6-m
            16/6    1.5k
            18/6    1.5k
            19/6    1k    sunday
            21/6    2.5k
            22/6    1.5k
            23/6    5k    6-m
            25/6    1.5k
            26/6    1k    sunday
            27/6    10k    6-m

So yah. That's when I'm not at home. HAPPY STEALING MY FOOD.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

I've now...

... played 8 days straight of poker, and hoping for 3 more. Tomorrow is the GUKPT day 1b Main Event. It's a £1590 buyin and should get a decent first place.

Yesterday I finished 6th in the GUKPT 6-max £275, so unfortuanately another final table bubble. Mickey tells me I'm not a closer. sad face. I mean it was only £7.5k for the win, but I wanted to just do well since there's no other reason to be there. I got really lucky on the money bubble when I managed to get AJo into TT and KK. Kinda wasn't my fault, KK made a rediculous flat in the sb of a button open and cost himself a monster stack.
I also lied in my previous blog, I have actually played 3 6-max tournaments before in the UK, I just forgot. GUKPT confused me with their first shorthanded event (i think) ever.

Today I played 2 tournaments online, and came 2nd in the bigger one, so pretty pleased. HU I just got trucked, don't really like what I did. Oh well on to the next one.

I don't exactly feel burned out, but wouldn't mind having a rest. I'm probably only enjoying it because I can't really stop winning.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

play play play

Well it's mid-March and I haven't really watched much NCAA because I'm finding it difficult to get hold of games. I haven't tried so hard as I've been grinding and grinding. Today is Tuesday morning (bed time soon!) and I've played every day since Thursday. So far everyday has been online, apart from Saturday where I grinded a live £550 side at the Victoria Casino LONDON TOWN.

It's been quite a mixture resultswise. For myself I've just been raping, whilst for my backers I'm just doing the absolute worst. I don't really win huge tournaments because that's not how my life has gone so far up to this point (pls God let that change at least once, ty) but I've done well overall.
Sunday I totally bricked out for the absolute worst session of the week. In an EPT satellite I came 4th when first 2 spots got a 7.6k euro package, 3rd gets 5.4k euros cash and 4th gets 0. I was not best pleased by a huge amount. I got super unlucky in a bunch of spots, including multiple spots where people did stupid stuff and I was just loling untill the board ran out and I lost.

Today went super bad overall, but somehow I managed to luckbox a winner takes all sat to the Irish Open in a 22 rebuy. I ran so good on the FT, that that was probably where all my run good was stored for the day. IN other tournaments, some really weird shit happened where I got AI 4-way twice with AK and didn't win against vastly inferior plays (and hands). I think overall I was about 7/10 which is reasonable. I ran pretty bad in all of my biggest buyins, and definitely tilted in 2 spots. I only note this because it's actually very rare for me to tilt, and whilst I do make mistakes, I very very rarely actually make them whilst conciously thinking 'hey this is a mistake!'. I was flipping both times (although I think lucky to do so) and if I run a little better I just go on and win all the monies (maybe).

Right now I'm up at 7am because I don't really want to wake up early. Later today is a £275 side event at the Vic at 7.30pm and I plan to win. There's gonna be like zero money for first, but it's a short handed live tournament, and I've never actually played one before in the UK. With the low buyin it should just be a hilarious button clicking fest. The structure is actually really strong for such a small buyin, and I'd be very excited to run even averagely as that should be enough for me to build towers.

In the £550 side I played, I opened 4 times in my first 2 hours of play, 3 of them I got limp reraised. If I was watching this happen, I'd have been falling over laughing. Unfortuanately it was happening to me, and not so much fun. I was actually the biggest nit at the table by far, and to get LRR that frequently is pretty absured really. In the end I just had to wait and ended up ninja shortstacking untill the blinds pwned me. The table was me, 1 decent young kid and a bunch of idiots clicking random buttons in 10 handed no ante. They had no idea, but hey, those LRR got me. I actually never had starting stack the whole tournament.

Online superstar mement_mori is currently staying with me, as he's been bored and wanted to play a UKIPT (dumbass). Anyway since he's in the country and can free accomodation here, he's playing online poker with me and grinding the GUKPT London. Assuming I don't make day 2 of this 6-max, I will take Wednesday off and then play the £1.5k on Thursday. Mickey pointed out that my last 2 live cashes were for 9th place and 7th place, so I assume 5th is the most likely next cashing position.

Thursday, 3 March 2011


Ok I am definitely looking forward to it. I've watched absolutely loads of NBA the last few weeks so I'm all about basketball right now.

Febuary didn't go so well. I didn't grind super hard, but decently and just lost a lot.

March is actually off to a good start. I lost HU in a tournament yesterday, but I'm not so disppointed since I played relatively bad the whole session and somehow just decided to win like 10 AIs in a row. Oh that's how it's done.

This month the only live tournament poker I'll be playing is the GUKPT London series. I'm not so much into the sides, but do plan to blast some time in one or two. I have had the urge to play live cash recently, probably because of all the losing i did online in Feb,but probably not the worst idea just before playing some live tournament poker. UKIPT Manchester is happening, but the buyins are too small to justify going, and online is pretty hot right now. Ongame is currently running their 'big' series online and and it's mostly no limit texas holdem (whihc is good for me!).

I had planned to play around 50k hands/month of cash for 2011. So far I'm very close to zero. I plan to rectify this a little but probably... wishful thinking. As added insurance for having a good month, I plan to do more exercise in March than I did int he whole of 2010. as soon as I can figure out what to do exactly....

 anyway best of luck at the tables!