Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Feb 2011

Pretty much the nut low start to Feb. Doing badly online, as has been the trend unfortuanately for too long now.

I just arrived back from France the other day, having busted FPS Paris. I had planned to play the WPT 5k euro in Paris at the same time, but in the end decided I just wasn't super up for it. Usually I'm pretty much raring to go, but not this time. I also didn't expect it to be the softest tournament, although I often do more than reasonable in 'tougher' live fields.  I think it's just a lot of variance though, as I've really struggled to pick up chips on softer tables.

FPS Paris was much the same although I do think I had one of the worst seats in the room for 1b. Some of the players on my table were reasonable, but many were pretty bad. The only thing that wen't right for me was winning a flip for about 20bbs apiece at 150/300/25 with QQ vs AK. Obviously we all started with 25k in chips, and after winning this ot I was back to just below this mark... I wasn't pleased with my bustout hand, but it wasn't rediculous. I ended up 3-bet jamming a T high FD into A high FD ~38bbs deep on the flop.

At least some positive things can be found in a bad trip. I managed to go to the Louvre for the 2nd time in my life but the first time actually being able to see the museum because last time we arrived slightly too late. I also got a much better grip of the metro system. I''ve also now figured out why I've never managed to get the hang of it, it's because there are no signs for metro stops, just random stairs that look like they should lead to underground parking.

As I post this, its 9am in the UK and I should get some sleep. Arsenal host Barcelona tonight in the champions league and I'd better get some sleep before I go.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Welcome to my new blog!

It has been almost 2 years since I've tried to maintain a blog. I really enjoyed the previous one, although no promises on how regular the posts come in. My previous blog can be found here.

Since then I've spent most of my time playing poker. I spent a year as a sponsored pro for, and most of the 2 years grinding tournament poker both online and live. I would assume most of the following blog starts out with coverage of this. There are a lot of specific things that I can remember happening since my last blog, but it would be way too much effort to try and recap them all.

I hope to recount as many of them as possible here.