Sunday, 3 July 2011


It's been a whole month since I last blogged. I've just been in Vegas playing poker at the WSOP. It's been hard to blog since I've rarely been on my laptop. I haven't played any online poker at all this trip, mostly being on a portable internet device. Twitter has been a lot more fun.

So far I've played 10 tournaments and had 4 cashes, one final table. I think I've played pretty well overall and ran pretty decently. I still cant produce wins, but I'm extremely happy with my standard of play. Maybe A- overall. I've definitely made some mistakes, but yesterday was my first day where my head wasn't really correct. I played fine overall but definitely not 'above the rim'.
So I should end with 12 WSOP tournaments this summer, which is really not that much. However when you keep making day 2s, it limits the volume one racks up. thinly veiled obv.

There's only one side event left, before the main event! I'm relatively excited, but have to sort my shit out now. Tomorrow is American Independance Day, and we leave the house on the 6th. I still have no plans for accommodation, and would also like to renew my car which expires the same day.

Overall I've really enjoyed this summer's trip. I've hung out with some really good people all summer, and a fun birthday and have played reasonable poker. My only disappointment has really been my lack of cash game action. I've played 2hrs on 2/5 in about 33days, which is just abysmal. Tomorrow I want to play some sats and grind live cash all day. grinders gonna grind.