Saturday, 31 December 2011

It's the New Year!!!

Happy New Year etc as we go into 2012!

2011 was my best year ever in many ways. I made the most money ever and had a lot of fun meeting some great new people, many of whom I'm sure will be great friends for a long time.

I can't actually remember, or be bothered to look up, what my goals for last year were. Suffice to say I've met some of the goals and failed with others.

Some of the highs this year include watching Rupert Elder win San Remo, watching James Keys start everyones year off great with a $1m score, and finally reaching a real final table of my own in the summer. I had a few lows but really the only big one was FTP being bitches and stealing/holding a lot of my money.

I don't really do New Years resolutions because if I need to do something I aim to just do it, I don't need some arbitary moment in time to change my life for the better. However establishing goals are fine... so here goes!

  • -play 50+ live tournaments
  • -play 200hrs+ of live cash.
  • - be ready to play 2 non holdem games for the WSOP.

  • Play a minimum of 4 days a week for the year.
  • Play 4k+ online tournaments.
  • Play over 100k hands of cash

Personal Life:
  • Get in shape. I've been super lazy for too long, time to get buff (fat chance?)
  •  Spend a lot less non-poker time at my computer.
  • Come up with a business project that actually starts/happens.

 I really don't know how much live cash I will play, but when I go to live tournaments I will try and fill my spare time grinding. I'm really the worst grinder ever, and this has to change. I should easily make the 50 live tournaments I think, I'm generally always intersted in playing when I'm at a location.

Last year I wanted something like 200k of online cash hands, erm I didn't even get 50k. If I can get my sleep schedule close to something 'regular', I should be able to make my online goals easily.

I would also like to be competative again athletically. I played a lot of sports as a kid, and through my teans, but after university it's just been non-existent.

I'm not sure exactly what kinda schedule I will be looking at but I want to play football again, probably some 5 a side thing, and maybe even play some table tennis again since it's by far the sport I've excelled the most at lifetime. I really hate running, but I will have to get my ass on a treadmill a lot for any of this is possible.

This is probably the most boring blog post ever, but as the year progresses hopefully I can provide some interesting updates and god forbid something insightful.