Tuesday, 27 September 2011

In this moment, I blog.

It's been a busy week. I'll start with the poker.

I've played some online poker and some live poker. It has not been going well.

I've played a few days online, much more than normal and I credit that to both @mickeydp and WCOOP on pokerstars. It has not gone well. Basically the less said the better. I am currently on a ridiculous downswing online, the type that makes you reevaluate if you are even a winner in the games you play.
I really do think I am, and it's really just motivation that I am using to improve as a player and to work harder as a grinder. Or maybe I'm just decieving myself, who's to know.

Live I still play pretty good, although it's really a lot easier of a game. Mostly because there is more information available and also because it's 30 hands/hr an absolute idiot could get it right. I played the European Championship of Poker £1070 this week and busted close to the money. Then went home and busted the WCOOP main getting relatively unfortuanate in that... even though I got it in bad (bluff shoving QQ pre no good and then losing a flip zzzz).

I've had 2 days off, and then back to the grind tomorrow in a £550 live satellite to the EPT London Main Event. I've virtually never played any of these type of sats but hopefully I just run good in them right off the bat. I am a premium staller....

Today I spent half a day with Mickey Peterson. We went to collect the keys to our new flat next to Hyde Park. It's not the biggest place, but suits our needs well. I may post some pictures if I get time and come back to the subject.

It marks a newish chapter in my life. I've hung around with poker players plenty, and also lived with them for reasonable periods of time. On poker trips, such as San Remo ( or insert one of many major European cities, if there's a major poker tournament) for a week, or the WSOP where we are gone for 6-8 weeks at a time.
However my home, my 'base' has always been with people who don't really play any poker. Whilst it has been fun, it's definitely held me back professionally. If I'm gonna be the illest I gotta be living with people that can make me better at poker and gambling in general.

This upcoming week is EPT London of course. I've never done well at this series, but that's stupid because it's my home town where I know the regs best and quite simply have home advantage. Hopefully I get a little run good and things fall my way this week!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Update time!

Since my last blogpost, I have been to GUKPT Luton and EPT barcelona. Neither wen't very well and I've now not cashed in anything live since WSOP  :(

 (also Spain as a whole, sucks)

 I haven't really been grinding very hard, although I've done some. I played last Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday!
I even have plans to play tomorrow! (saturday)

Much of this is to do with WCOOP. They don't really change my day very much since it's only really 2-4 more tournaments a day for me, but it does make all the prizepools on Pokerstars of their other tournaments a little bigger. Combined with my renewed happiness with 15+ tabling and we're in business!
My current strategy is to pick 'good' tournaments and then just blast my way through the volume. So far pretty unsuccesssful, but I am confident I'm bringing good intesity to my decision making; and getting a little luckier at the right moments would probably have me reporting many good things.

I might even be more into cash actually. Had a pretty fun little session grinding a little NL100.Definitely ran pretty well but I should probably be doing it a lot more often when I'm not doing very much.

Coming up next is a busy little period for me. I must find a new place pretty soon. I'm currently searching for stuff with mement_mori but it's not gone very far at all yet. Hopefully tomorrow will change and we'll view something we like.

 This is obviously running concurrently with WCOOP, afterwhich there's a couple of random big buyin tournaments at the Palms Beach Casino here in sunny London. They're capped at very small fields and I'm not sure if I will even play them yet. However I just don't understand how there'd be a lineup I'm not +EV in... so we'll see.

At pretty much the same time, theres the European Championship of Poker, held in London, and then EPT London. I've never really played many live satellites but I'm always curious for some mutual stalling so I'm definitely there :P.

I'm currently skipping Partouche, as I did with WPT Paris. Not really interseted in any of that, nor WSOPE. I feel old when I say this, but France is an expensive place. Everyone should learn from the Timex school of thought: nits gonna nit.

I will be going back to San Remo though, and am likely to do Amsterdam and EPT Greece. The live tournament circuit isn't really all that exciting for the back end of this year really.

Either way the plan is to work hard and just start winning things. Untill next time!