Thursday, 11 August 2011

SFD Requested


So this is a quick overview and some of my thoughts on the recent riots in my home town.

First of all I was affected relatively little by them. They weren't happening in my borough and I never travelled anywhere close. However it was in quite a few areas and many people I know were directly affected. This is the wiki page for more information.

So some dude gets shot by the PO PO in Tottenham, and there was unacceptable information about his death. People mad, and some angry protesting starts. Soon though rioting starts up in other areas of London, as people hear about it on tv and they also realise that police aren't taking many offensive manouvers.
This is because they don't have enough numbers, and also probably because they don't wanna take any heat from the press for police brutality. They, in my opinion, definitely would have. hey, accidents happen.

This goes through from Saturday, culminating in the Hackney Riots that were in open daylight along a busy high street on Monday afternoon.
After a short Sunday session :(, this is basically the first time I hear about it, and decide to watch a lot of TV about it.
I knew that things were popping off and that night was the worst in London. Things were happening all over the place, lots of burning cars, looting, then buildings burning.

they got a sony warehouse!
This starts off riots/looting in other major cities around the country. Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester etc. The next day there was a lot less reported looting in London, and nothing much appeared to happen at night.

All day they told us there'd be 16k policemen on call, over 6k the night before. I guess this probably helped.
However it did kick off in the other cities. 3 people killed in Birmingham, street battles in Manchester etc.
These cities have a long history of football hooliganism and also are much poorer places than the capital. Some also have a long history of racial tension. So there's just a lot of people in the streets at night, and probably a decent amounts of vandalism and looting.
Copycat violence, obviously but a problem because these people like to fight.

Today is Thursday and most of the news has been about catching suspects. They don't seem to have reported much more violence, probably because there was no cause, just looting. Also once people have stolen shit, they wanna sell it (or use it).


these idiots getting clothes

run fatboy! run!
cool story bro. sorry CCTV got you.
We saw lots of police on tv busting down doors. To date there have been 922 arrests and about 450 convictions. In london around half were under 18, probably like this dude!

is he serious?

It's the summer holidays and they were able to manuever effectively because they play a lot better communication tools available to them over previous generations of riot/looters.
Apparently it was mostly BBM, although that perplexes me since I thought most kids got iphones.

At the start this was a protest. Then it was looting, and eventually just random stealing. Below is a clip of a kid that has just got his bike stolen. Then they take his psp!

Currently the focus of discussion is the social economical factors that caused these riots, and kept them going. blah blah blah. people be poor, black people get a rougher deal from police. This is all probably true, and also people just being opportunistic.

On Monday night #riotcleanup and other such movements started, and people have been helping out clean the streets.

so cliche

 From what I know of the actual fighting, i.e. the clips tv/the internets, there were many running battles along the streets, where the police would charge, move the rioters and then retreat because lack of numbers. In many instances places were being robbed for 1-2hrs with no police around, simply because of lack of numbers.

The pitch battles included lots of missiles from rioters, whilst riot police tried to hold their positions.

rioters ammo.

Whilst the kids were opportunistic, they could have done with better coaching. For a start, don't show your face.


DO NOT STEAL RICE. WTF oUOSLFJNFLJANSLDHFNliksidhFIlnsdifhjnldsfnjgdifjngpi;djfp;g

at first i was gonna say 'no comment'. but this kind of stupidity deserves more words.


get the till, sure, but you're clearly too late buddy. cctv ftl.

This is a "pound shop". That means the most expensive item they sell is £1.

facepalm central.

Hells yes this what I'm talking about.

I certainly would have recommended phone shops and jewlry shops only.

got 'em.

get the phones


I don't condone the riots, looting or any of the vandalism, just discussing tactics.

all the best grinders, be it poker players or looters, wear backpacks. #unimpressed

Whilst I kid, there was some very saddening waste and destruction. before and after pics.

jumping for her life, I would have dangled then dropped though.
the streets of london :(

Amidst all the drama, choas and destruction, this wasn't even really the most important news of the week to the world. The French lending to the busto EU countries, and USA being a AA+ country will probably affect your life and my life a lot more over the next few years. The stock market has already been hugely volatile, and gold is just soaring.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


I ended the WSOP this summer with nothing more of interest happening. After my FT I didn't cash anything else, and just went home after the first part of the summer. Looking back, it quite a pleasing time overall, every trip with a 6fig cash has to be good for me right now (sic brags).

getting it in bad prob :(

Since getting back I've been rediculously apathetic. When I first got back from Vegas I just wasted the first 2 weeks away. Many of the days I had such a volatile sleep schedule I ended up not being able to do anything. I still have errands to run that I should have done weeks ago, however I am changing that. The last 2 days I've been getting my IRL grind on, which includes this blog!
To go with my laziness, I've played a total of 2 days online, both losing, and one live £1k turbo in London which was actually quite a riot. TOMORROW I WILL BE PLAYING ONLINE MTTS!!
Hopefully it goes well. I've been extremely disappointed with my intensity of late. Everyday I wake up and think that playing poker would just totally suck, but then do absolutely nothing productive all day. The result is that I am now an absolute expert on Big Brother USA strategy. To be fair it's just a great show though. chilltown4life.

To rectify this, the plan is to keep playing untill I win, because winning is fun. Sorry for making tournament poker tougher people.

 Amazingly I still haven't gotten a 35k euro cheque from my EPT San Remo cash. I'm meant to be getting an answer tomorrow, and I'll be chasing them up hard since it's been so long. I had jsut assumed I'd be good once I got back from Vegas but sadly not.

rando san remo pic cos i need more pics.

Next week there is some chance I go to GUKPT Luton, for 2 reasons. 1, I have a seat to one and need to use it. 2, I looked at the pics of GUKPT Wallsall and everyone looked like mugs. Time to put up a(nother) win imo.

I will be going to EPT barcelona at the end of this month, and then decide on partouche which still have never been to. I may not be able to since online superstar mement_mori will be here in London flat hunting with me. We will probably be looking for something before EPT London, meaning skipping Partouche and doing IRL stuff.
I'm pretty excited about this since I want to live in a sick location with a very good poker player, to improve and make money. Also mickey is a #truegrinder which will definitely spur me on to make $ yo.