Tuesday, 28 February 2012

On to the next one

Since my last blog post I've played relatively little online poker. Probably my biggest leak as a poker player is my complete lack of grind. Mostly I think it's work ethic, much of why I decided to do this pokerthing rather than get a job :(

Live I've played two £1080 Palm Beach Big Games, cashing both but not really doing any damage. I think I've kinda figured out how the tournament should be played, and I'm also very confident in turbos in general. The only live series I've been to so far has been UKIPT Galway which was a 770 euro main event. I roomed with Ben Dobson, a relatively new kid on the scene, but one I like and who I think can easily put a run together and do good things. Day 1 wen't without much happening before I made quite a bad decision on day 2 and busting early. I had a quick nap and jumped into the 2150 euro 'high roller' side. Kind of a stupid tournament, we started with 20k chips and I ended up in true hero fashion ending day 1 with 14400 chips. Luckily on day 2 I went on a rush early and ended up coming 3rd for some pocket change. There were only 30 runners and 5 paid so it wasn't exactly setting the world alight, although I'd obviously prefered to win...

Although I've had quite a disappointing start to the year, it has been smart of me to cash the biggest tournaments I've played. I'm still rather upset with the whole live circuit in general, upcoming EPTs at Madrid and Campione both having their severe problems. Madrid there's the issue of how far away it is from the city/most of the hotels, and Campione their payment proceedure is going to be in CHF rather than euro. Then the Grand Final is in Monte Carlo, where I'd have to figure something out as far as expenss go. So I might end up skiping all of them.

One tournament series which I just missed was EPT Copenhagen. Certainly not one I'm disappointed to miss, and I'm extremely happy that the kid I'm living with here in 'sunny' London won it! <3 mickeydp

quite the threesome imo

I watched a decent amount of the FT. Very very pleased for mickey and it now puts him in the 'live' spotlight, something which was always coming.

I really might end up only playing the Irish Open and EPT Berlin before the WSOP. It's quite sad to me to think that, considering the last 2 years I played as much as possible. Tomorrow I head off to IPT Nova Gorcia for their 2.2k euro main event, and a 1.1k side. Not necessarily the smartest of trips, but I'm in the mood to play something so was easily convinced by Rupert Elder to go. At least it does usually get a large field. Hopefully it goes well, and if not I will be back in time for the March episode of the tufat23 invitational, aka Palm Beach Big Game.