Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Moving Up, Moving On

In mid to late September I embarked on quite a grind, moving house from London to Edinburgh. I’d lived in London for 9 years up to that point, ignoring everybody's assertions that London was expensive and that I could live absolutely anywhere in the world. Well the current poker climate means that I can’t quite live ‘anywhere’, but most places are still available. Hilariously I ignored anywhere tropical or particularly glamorous, and moved directly North to exotic Scotland!

I’d never actually been to Edinburgh untill we went flat hunting, although I’d heard good things from everyone who has ever commented on it, so got on a plane and headed up with Rupert Elder to do some flat hunting. We found a decent place above his friend Tommo’s, in our chosen location so just went for it.

We moved up just before San Remo and have been here since coming back from the tournament series. So far it’s been pretty enjoyable. I have a hell of a lot more space and for much much less rent than I was paying in London. The only downside so far really has been the temperature. It is a hell of a lot colder here than London. Took us a few days to really figure out the central heating system, but now we just blast it all day. If only we had double glazing though, THE WINDOWS ARE JUST TOO THIN.

Pokerwise I had a decent time during WCOOP. I didn’t do well at all in any of the main events, but managed to win a 109 turbo to get out of it for the series. During this time there were some awesome live tournaments in London. The EPO was a £2180 and the GUKPT was a £1070 re entry. I did terrible in both, I played well, mostly, just some huge errors which cost me. The GUKPT was a reentry and I tried to go back for 1b, but ended up unable to as I got locked INSIDE my own flat and was totally gg by the time I could get out. #reallife

EPT San Remo was much of the same. I played a hand on day 1 of the main event, where I got top 2 in vs a straight for all my chips on the turn, and won ... and I thought I might make a run. I ended up not progressing further than late day 2 and proceeded to go 0/7 in the series. I was expecting better, as I usually do well in San Remo, but always next time I suppose.

Live poker has been pretty demoralising recently. For 2012 I’m on a massive downswing live. I’ve cashed a total of $31k this year, and believe me, had way way more in buyins. Saying that, at least I have also played a lot less than the previous 2 years.

2013 Might be quite a busy one for live tournaments, with a pretty exciting schedule coming, but for 2012 I’m mostly done. I’m going to UKIPT Bristol in early November, then the huge festival in Prague. Apart from that I’m just gonna sit at home and play online tournament poker, which should be quite thrilling with the return of everyone’s favourite, Full Tilt Poker.

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